Client Testimonials

  • "Our experience with CMS Management Consulting has consistently met or exceeded our expectations in various aspects of the candidate placement process. We have found CMS colleagues to have an excellent ability to search, identify and match candidates to the role requirements and competencies, which combined with their strong awareness of our culture and brand, adds great value to the partnership.
    In addition, we have found the format of candidate profiles to be compelling, concise and accurate; presenting details and information with a hiring managers' time and perspective in mind. CMS partners have demonstrated integrity and professionalism, respectfully operating to represent the needs of both clients and employers, without bias. We appreciate the extra efforts of CMS Management staff, and look forward to future opportunities to collaborate."
    -Vice President, Human Resources (National Agricultural Retailer)

  • "We were using a company out in Winnipeg where our head office is. They were "working" to recruit someone for 3 months, but we did not see a single resume and held zero interviews. CMS saw our ads in the paper and very quickly had two people placed."
    - General Manager, Southern Alberta (Municipal Equipment Manufacturer)

  • "CMS's follow-up is excellent; they are not too pushy. They were able to find people without a job description and the candidates they sourced had the right qualifications. The levels of candidates they have brought to the table have been excellent."
    - Human Resources Manager (Construction Material Manufacturer)

  • "We were hiring for 40 positions and I was very impressed with the geographical range which CMS searched for people; they were able to find people from all over the country."
    - General Manager, Alberta (National Electrical Wholesaler)

  • "CMS is sort of a different model from the other recruitment firms in terms of their approach which works great for me. I plan to work with CMS on an on-going basis."
    - District Manager, Western Canada (Heavy Equipment Manufacturer)

  • "The other companies we used were a dissapointment. CMS delivered. They immediately understood all of the requirements of our positions and the type of people that are successful. We hired the right person much more quickly than I thought we would."
    - Senior Recruiting Consultant (Distributor of Construction Materials)

  • "Since using CMS, we are finding that we are going through fewer interviews and finding more qualified candidates. This leaves us time to do our job without tying up the team's resources. When CMS is on the job, I know we're in good hands."
    - Vice President, Sales (National Manufacturer of Currugated Piping)

  • "CMS excels where other recruiting companies fail. They understand my business and my industry and don't waste my time with people who won't fit. Because they are always available and always working when I give them a position, I feel they really value my business."
    - Owner/Operator (Fabricator of High-End Custom Machinery)