No company is immune to employee turnover – but are you learning from it?

Losing an employee at any level of your organization can be difficult but it also offers insight into how your employees feel.  As an objective third party, CMS can offer Exit Interviews in a neutral setting to determine the difficult to discuss reasons for the termination.

When conducted by an impartial third party, there is no better way to get a more honest appraisal from an employee.  Exit Interviews are a great way to determine the positive and negative aspects of your organization. 


By engaging CMS to conduct exit interviews you can determine from an employee’s perspective;

  • Where your strengths as an employer are
  • What shortcomings or areas of improvement you can offer
  • How functional your org-chart is and how to potentially optimize it
  • How effective your training is
  • How strong your overall compensation package is in contrast to your competition
  • How your employees feel about internal advancement and feedback
  • An honest depiction of how an employee feels about management & coworkers
  • Additional skills that are required in positions


Exit Interviews are the first step towards creating an effective retention strategy.  CMS can assess results of these exit interviews and recommend improvements to the existing retention and recruitment strategies in your organization.

CMS can also analyze existing Exit Interview information to identify trends in how your workforce feels about your company. 


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