Frequently Asked Questions


How many resumes can I expect to see for a Job Order?
We found that the industry average number of resumes referred for a vacancy is 10. Because CMS Management Consulting conducts an upfront, in-depth needs assessment to ensure we thoroughly understand your business and your requirements, our average referral is 3 resumes.

Our company conducts Profile Testing - could you do this on our behalf?
Absolutely. We have a number of clients who have a proven method of screening candidates but may not have the time to conduct the testing. CMS Management Consulting will conduct the testing in a neutral setting and forward the completed tests for evaluation as directed by the client.

Using recruitment firms can be cost prohibitive - do you charge a retainer?
We do not charge a retainer. Our fee is based on the total annual compensation of the referred candidates that you hire. Contracting out for recruiting services results in more stream-lined processes for our clients.

Employee loyalty has become a problem. How do I rationalize the cost to hire against the risk that I may lose that employee?
We can offer many solutions to ensure we attract the right caliber of candidate and screen the candidates to ensure stability. We also have an excellent track record with our retention studies which evaluate employee morale and concerns and recommend changes to increase employee loyalty.

There seems to be a shallow pool of qualified people. How do you find the appropriate candidates?
This is definitely our strength. CMS Management Consulting has earned a reputation for successfully placing skilled individuals in over 70 different industries. Moreover, through our internal networking efforts, we have established a profile as being truthful and results-oriented.

How can I be assured that our relationship will remain confidential?
Each of our professionals sign a Confidentiality Agreement whereby any information provided through the course of the professional relationship with any client company is kept in the strictest confidence. We assure our clients that absolute respect will be paid to their corporate practices, policies, and procedures to facilitate an honest exchange during the needs assessment phase of our process.