Human Resources Consulting

Your staff is integral to every process of your business.  As demand increases for a more skilled workforce, companies need to assess how they are sourcing new talent and how they are keeping their talent stimulated and happy to contribute to the company’s success. 

CMS Management Consulting has more than 20 years of experience conducting hiring and retention studies with businesses and governments.  With honest and confidential dialogue between our professionals and your staff, we can recommend improvements to your hiring practices, procedures, and structure, which make dramatic enhancements to productivity and in-house loyalty. 

Recruitment Strategies

It’s proven that the ‘position-posting and job interviewing’ recruitment method is unreliable in today’s employment market.  Many companies still rely on these processes, operating with out-of-date hiring practices. 

Our consultants work with your Management and HR departments to asses the exact needs of a position, the position description, the most effective sourcing methods, interviewing processes, and assessment tools.  We also offer compensation studies to determine industry standards. 

Please contact us for a free assessment or more information on how our Hiring Studies can help you quickly build upon the talent in your organization. 

Retention Strategies

Factoring in the costs and hours involved in the recruitment process, training ,and orientation, a termination can be significant.  Further, losing a valuable employee to your competition doesn’t just cost you money, but also compromises your morale, revenues, profit, and market share. 

Our Retention Studies are catered to each project in order to create effective strategies for every client.  Our studies involve comprehensive, honest, and open interviews with your current staff and management.  We also factor in your market position and analyze where your strengths and weaknesses are as an employer in your industry.  These studies discover where your employees are struggling and what they need to succeed. 

Some of the results of these studies include:

  • Compensation and benefit analysis
  • Improvements to workplace practices
  • Performance management
  • Creative benefits

Please Contact Us for a free assessment or more information about how our Retention Studies can help you keep the best talent.