Sample Recruitment Projects

Examples of Past Projects led by CMS Management Consulting:

  • Construction Industry: A client that CMS had provided Consulting and Recruitment Services to was expanding their Alberta-based operations in the height of the 2006 labor shortage. By using our Recruitment Process Outsourcing, our client entrusted us to make all hiring decisions, and over a period of one month, we hired 70 new employees from project managers through to field staff, helping the company surpass their production quotas.

  • Insurance Industry: CMS was engaged by a nationwide insurance writer to assist in the recruitment of insurance adjusters - all with very specific experience & skills. Because of our ability to place these professionals so quickly and maintain a 100% retention record with all of our placements we earned the commendation of our client's VP of HR. We have since become the exclusive recruiter for this client's western region.
  • Utility Industry: CMS has earned praise by our clients across North America in the Transmssion & Distribution sector. We've built this reputation through various projects including 'bulk placements' of linemen for a Northern Canadian contractor and executive placements with a Crown Utility. Each project we undertake in the T&D sector serves to strengthen our database of relevant passive candidates at all levels who we could introduce to your company.
  • Electrical Wholesale Industry: Upon deciding to expand their management structure, a nationwide leader in Electrical Wholesale sector approached us to fill a number of new management roles. By developing a keen understanding of the nature of this industry, we were able to fill these roles with seasoned managers who are making a difference to the company's bottom line profits.
  • Manufacturing Services Industry: CMS Management Consulting provided Recruitment Services to a Local Manufacturer that was operating at 50% capacity. Once we filled all vacant positions in the company and their operation was running with a full crew, we conducted a Retention Study and made recommendations as to the best methods for keeping their people. Their retention rate increased significantly and they were able to develop expansion plans. To date, they are retaining their staff and their new facility is in the final stages of construction.
  • Mechanical Services Industry: CMS Management Consulting was hired as the sole recruitment source for a Mechanical Services company in Edmonton. For two years, we were chiefly responsible for increasing their technical team by more than 100%, resulting in the company becoming one of the largest in their industry and more than doubling their revenues.
  • Oil & Gas Industry: CMS Management Consulting provided Recruitment Services to a US based Petroleum client. They required 45 new hands with specific experience, education and the flexibility to work on sites located throughout the world. We were able to accomplish all of the above mentioned within 5 months.